Nov 23 2020 - Nov 23 2020

Ten Differences

Ten Differences

This short online self assessment survey is the entry portal to learning at apitholo. It is open to everyone. It's purpose is for you to learn more about your interest in apithology as a prospective learner. The survey provides a  fast-track to the selection of options for enrolment.
Level: Prospective
Requisites: None
Duration: 15 minutes


This simple self-directed survey provides an early indication whether you will enjoy learning apithology at apitholo.


A series of randomly selected questions which ask you to select the alternative that is most like you.


Completion of the Ten Differences survey allows a prospective participant at apitholo to choose the most appropriate next pathway for them.
  • Nov 23 2020 - Nov 23 2020

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  • Dr. Will Varey

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