Feb 13 2019 - Feb 13 2019

Humanity Learning


This dialogue session outlines the practice of Generative Humanity Learning (GHL). This form of learning is how humanity learns about itself while learning about human learning. This form of learning requires an embodied presence to learn ‘as’. It invites a collaborative dialogue ‘with’ others as humanity members. Its use is ‘for’ the forms of learning that occur beyond deutero-learning. In this presentation some of the learnings gathered from the 720 inquiries completed in an ongoing learning dialogue will be shared, together with the practical realities of using generative humanity learning as a form of educational inquiry. This provides one way in which we may learn together, in community, as a learning humanity.


The novel contribution of this practice is to provide the reflexivity that moves from human concerns to humanity inquiry. A horizontal shift into a different domain of becoming occurs. One of the key benefits is that upon learning to learn this form, the forms of learning that are possible to us expand also.


Dr Will Varey is systems practitioner in the field of generative societal change. He is a facilitator of policy reforms in water, energy, waste, climate, health and urban design using collaborative inquiry methods. He is the founder of the discipline of apithology, which examines the dynamics of systemic health and generative wellbeing.  
  • Feb 13 2019 - Feb 13 2019

  • Murdoch University

  • Dr. Will Varey

Generative | Humanity | Learning

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