Sep 19 2019 - Sep 19 2019

Generative Potentials

Gallery Opening

Visual Artworks by willvarey

Generative Potentials: A Prospective Retrospective (2004-2019)

The making of apithology inspired art moves across media and time. The similarity is the perception of generativity in action. This may be captured from nature, found in a moment of juxtaposition, or discovered by the artist in the act of creation. This event records the first exhibit of art in the genre of apithology. 

Artist Notes

"This collection of works is a retrospective. It provides an insight into what will appear prospectively.  This is intellectual art. It is not to be feared. Think of it as small acts of great generosity. An entire book in a box, a life’s work in a picture, a doctorate in a hand crafted tool, a genre of thought in a painting, a world form encompassed in a moment, world peace as a series of propositions. If we can make the impossible accessible in an instant, maybe we can find the possible in even momentary engagements."

List of Works

1.     Empty of Form (2013) 2.     Roses of the Unborn (2009) 3.     Waiting for White (2009) 4.     Book Reconstructed (2019) 5.     Icarus Soaring (2019) 6.     Emerging Perspectives (2004) 7.     Pine Clones (2009) 8.     Recitation Mantra (2018) 9.     Opposite of War (2017) 10.  Forest Realm (2019) 11.  Natural Artifractals (2009) 12.  Back to Basics (2012) 13.  Virtual Persuasions (2012-19) 14.  Tranquil Fish (2016) - ISBN 9780648193012  (Libraries Australia ID 66741406)
  • Sep 19 2019 - Sep 19 2019

  • emrgnc, Fremantle

  • Dr. Will Varey

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