Jul 27 2017 - Jul 27 2017

Four Benefits

Four Benefits of Social Impact

Expand the reach and repertoire of your social change work to become better at what you do, more aware of the contributions of others, while enabling the overall health of society. This practical inquiry-based session will introduce to you the Four Orientations to Social Benefit. The learning offered will help you to better articulate the social change you want to create, and identify what your stakeholders (really) require from your organisation. The understandings gained will enhance your opportunity for sector-wide collaborations. The aim of this workshop is to better enable the premise of your generative collaborative inquiry. Expect the content of this session to be simple but revealing; challenging so as to be expanding; while also being practical and encouraging.

For Whom

Recommended for those with experience in the field of social impact or social benefit change, seeking to more precisely enact your organisation’s social mission. The session includes:
  • Overview of the origins and purpose of the field of Apithology
  • Completion and guidance for your own Four Orientations inquiry.
  • Introduction to the different orientations to social benefit and change.
  • Examples from the health care, climate change response, sustainability ethics and social impact fields.
  • Reflections on what you and your organisation are asked to do, and what is asked for, now.


Dr. Will Varey, Director for Research at Apitholo (The Centre for Humanity Learning), is visiting Perth during the 2017 Social Impact Festival. This presents a rare opportunity to learn some applied apithology theory outside of formal practitioner training programs.
  • Jul 27 2017 - Jul 27 2017

  • @ Apitholo, Perth

  • Dr. Will Varey

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