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Pathways into Learning ~ Reflections, Directions, Investigations

Pathways into Learning ~ Reflections, Directions, Investigations

The purpose of apitholo is to provide pathways into apithology practice.

To support your own path there are three valuable resources for the (potential) practitioner:

  • Apithoria – single sentence aphorisms (and their commentary) to support the common understanding of an apithology ethos within the learning community (Learning Reflections).
  • Practice Notes – short summary pieces as explanations of critical distinctions in apithology concepts and methods which will often occur in applied practice (Entry Directions).
  • Aspects Articles – the publication of formal articles in the Journal of Apithological Practice representing the synthesis of learnings by a peer-group of contributors on advanced points of interest (Practice Investigations).

These resources are made available to support all the related stages of practice. As a personal practice in apithology develops, more questions occur, and greater guidance is provided. The three forms of resources provide invaluable guidance on essential concepts (and the ethics of engagement). In a way, each is essential for a complete understanding.

We know there is a long lead time between when people first find out about apithology and their recognition of the learning opportunity (often between 2-7 years). Each person has their own timing for when they become ‘able, ready and willing‘. The resources that appear will assist immensely while you are getting yourself ‘ready’. Do watch out for them, as if they were white stones, marking a well made roadway.

Learning apithology usually involves a familiarity with some initial concepts, leading to an exploration in community, to support your embodied practice in an area of contribution. From this place your own learning begins to grow extensively. Learning how to do this well, is how apithology learning is done apithologically.

Importantly, one cannot learn about apithology merely by reading about it. We have found that providing more information, outside of practice, only takes you further away from a deeper understanding faster. The reason for a difference in approach, in a humanity learning, will become immediately apparent.

The opportunity to cultivate an apithology practice as a practitioner involves a sequence of invitations along a self-directed pathway. For this reason, the invitations to apithology learning are (generally) not advertised publicly. Learning at apitholo is offered to subscribers exclusively. The chance for more expansive opportunities, depends on prior engagements.

The initial entry point to find out more is simply to accept the invitation to subscribe, as an interested supporter. You will find naturally forming levels of involvement based on your skills for, commitment to, and interest in – new learning. From this first introduction, we know you will watch out for the announcements of new resources as these are made available.

We are looking forward – to the finding of your own forms of involvement and future contributions.



“Never mistake movement, for progress on the path.”

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