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Our Purpose

Why the Centre for Humanity Learning exists.

Ever since the formation of the field of apithology there has been a centering focus on the provision of benefit to all humanity. Those learning the fundamentals of practice were asked to define a practice area of humanity contribution. The practice itself has expanded dramatically from its initial forms and ambitions.

With the refinement of apithology practice the purposes and activities of the Centre for Humanity Learning became more defined. These co-incide with five key priorities, being to Advance, Undertake, Attract, Aspire and Inspire the practice of Humanity Nurturance.

Potentials (Archives)

There are presently over 6500 apithology artifacts from the first 15 years of learning. Together with over 3.2 million words of text, images, transcriptions and recordings, the archives of apithology are extensive and have been diligently curated.

With the opening of the Centre for Humanity learning to new learners it is intended that this practice continues at the next level of sophistication.

Pathways (Learning)

The most significant development in the field of apithology was the development of new knowledge and the methods for its instruction. The understanding of how a humanity learns, known as apithagogy, and how this is different to adult learning has changed the potential for generative learning’s instruction.

The collation of learnings at apitholo now comprises over 750+ courses and modalities. The Centre for Humanity Learning in establishing apitholo brings new guidance in the navigation of step, stage and pathway.

Promise (Community)

From the period 2008-2020 the Apithology Practitioners Forum has been the primary community of apithology discourse, discovery and inquiry. During that time over 120 apithologues, being a form of generative metalogue, were convened. That forum hosted 50+ topics for discussion, reflections on major developments and diverse events for community social engagement.

The role of the Centre for Humanity Learning is to move forward from that history and cherish new forms of engagement, dialogue and conversation that enrich the diversity and integrity of the humanity nurturance conversation.

Prospects (Domains)

The field of apithology has always held a central concern for humanity’s wellbeing. This ambition has led to a wide scope for apithology’s applications. These have recently been collected into encompassing domains of support and accomplishment.

The Centre for Humanity Learning is responsible for development of the domains of: Humanity Receptivity, Humanity Potentials, Humanity Intimacy, Humanity Reflexivity, Humanity Capacity, Humanity Trajectory, Humanity Inquiry  and Humanity Pathways. These comprise the eight domains of Humanity Nurturance.

Premise (Publications)

The Centre for Humanity Learning has as one of its aims to collate and make available transcriptions of important texts and research. The discipline of apithology is recorded in a series publications. These take many forms and have distinctly different levels of application. Included in the library are: academic articles, conference papers, practice notes, blog transcriptions, canonical texts and poetical instructions.

The Centre will continue to publish the Aspects of Apithology Journal (since 2008) to subscribers. As a peer-generated collaboratively edited selection of papers these articles capture many of the understandings and theoretical premises of generative research and practice.

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