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Practice Note 1 – How is apithagogy different to pedagogy?

Practice Note 1 – How is apithagogy different to pedagogy?

The first Practice Note for apitholo is now available. It introduces an idea central to apithology practice for the first time publicly. We learn how in apithology, learning is done differently. The practice of apithagogy requires integration of many prior forms of learning, with a different orientation. The joy of apithagogy is we learn as does a humanity. For some skilled life-long learners, this change can be a challenge initially. The experience is that, while unfamiliar, this is actually quite natural. It is something we did skilfully as a child.

You can access the Practice Note here: Practice Note 1

The use of Practice Notes in apithology is a new form. These make apithology learning more accessible. This represents a departure from how apithology is traditionally learned. An introductory comment on Practice Notes may be helpful.

A Practice Note is a ‘short easy to follow article to clarify primary concepts in apithology theory for novice practitioners.’ What is important to note is that Practice Notes clarify points within practice. They are not a form of learning that is complete outside of practice. They are the ‘Cliff’s-Notes‘ (York Notes /Brodie’s Notes) ~ not the text.

It is helpful to think of Practice Notes as a prompt to stimulate curiosity. Being one-page they can only hope to clarify a point of distinction with brevity. While they illuminate, there is a chance some may see them as a substitute. There will be more on how we use Practice Notes in practice to learn apithology proficiently, in the future.

For now, enjoy your introduction to apithagogy – and ask what is it about ‘humanity-learning’ that asks of us to care for a different generativity?


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