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Apithology is the discipline that studies the generative causes of health and wellness in living systems.

Apithology is not a concept, it is a research practice. The premise of apithology research describes what to look at, why those specific features of interest, and how to uniquely do this. To provide opinions, definitions and descriptions in the field of apithology does require formal study.

A formal description of the field of apithology research is:

“The research field of apithology concerns the study of the systemic causes and effects of generativity and growth in living systems. It is the counterpart discipline to the field of pathology, which examines the systemic causes and effects of dissipation and decline in degenerative systems.” (p. 596)

Source: Varey, W. (2013). Apithological Inquiry: Learnings from an Ecological Aesthetic. Systems Research and Behavioral Science30(5), 596-606.

The learning that occurs in the field of apithology is called apithagogy. Apithagogy is the area of generative learning that is concerned with how a humanity learns. It has an inter-dependency with the learning forms of pedagogy, andragogy and pandragogy. This is described as ‘generative humanity learning’.

“We would not design the pedagogy for the child to create an absence in the andragogy needs of the adult. We would not knowingly design the andragogy path of the adult to create an absence in the pandragogy needs of the lifelong learner. Similarly, we would not design the pandragogy principles of new learning to create an absence in the learning needs of a future humanity. Apithagogy is an inquiry into learning to discover the learning needs of a changing humanity as it learns about itself.”  (Varey, 2015).

The official publication for apithology research is:

Aspects of Apithology: The Journal of Apithological Practice (2008-2022)

Volume 1 No.1 – Volume 9 No. 2 (current)


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