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Learning Apithology ~ Preliminaries, Requisites, Modules

Learning Apithology ~ Preliminaries, Requisites, Modules

The Centre for Humanity Learning offers a pathway into apithology practice.

The support provided is focussed towards your development of a practice area in apithology. To get the most from involvement at apitholo you will want to have an intention to develop and mature your own form of humanity contribution.

However, it is not necessary to begin at the end. There are many entry points from which people commence an engagement with this field and its communities of practice.

The learning opportunities at apitholo comprise:

  • Preliminaries – the initial learnings to affirm a resonance with the field.
  • Pre-requisites – the learnings necessary to enable other learnings and practices.
  • Modules –  the components of practice that comprise Novice and Practitioner courses.
  • Masterclasses – the advanced development skills for those with dedicated practice areas.

The landscape of learning at apitholo has a distinctive form. It follows apithagogy principles (being the learning that enables humanity learning).

In simple terms, this recognises that advanced practices require a coherence of simpler forms, and these are learned with a longer term end in mind. Choices enable you to fulfil the potential you determine is necessary for your practice efficacy. The trajectory of development is set by each participant individually. The guidance is always for you to get the most from each moment of learning, while also not losing the path to what that will ultimately enable.

Once the preliminary modules are complete, participants can self-direct their learning pathway. Some specific modules and practitioner courses are by invitation, based on engagement with prior learning opportunities and demonstrated capacities gained. There are also easy life practices and life-long learnings for advanced practitioners.

The aims of the Centre are primarily to support a proficiency in apithology practice. For this reason the number of places open for practitioners will be restricted, primarily for those most able to generate benefits. An invitation to participate at apitholo is a rare opportunity. Because generative learning is not a skill that is ordinarily developed, you should think of this form of learning as a very different experience.

While courses in advanced practices are already being offered, the present focus is on ways to enable initial entry into the field of apithology by forming the preliminaries that enable the entire practice pathway. In coming weeks we will be calling for nominations for participation.

A great deal of work has been undertaken to arrive at the place of beginning. We hope you will recognise and realise all the benefits of this new opportunity.

For questions in the meantime, please ask and we’ll respond (attentively).


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