Apithoria 1|3 ~ Asking Different Questions

This month’s new Apithoria introduces the foundation distinction in apithology of the horizon of inquiry. It’s often described how the commencement in an apithology activity is not similar to other ways of knowing. Not believing this, we may attempt do what is unfamiliar, from a familiar place. In a way, our frustration when doing so […]

Pathways into Learning ~ Reflections, Directions, Investigations

The purpose of apitholo is to provide pathways into apithology practice. To support your own path there are three valuable resources for the (potential) practitioner: Apithoria – single sentence aphorisms (and their commentary) to support the common understanding of an apithology ethos within the learning community (Learning Reflections). Practice Notes – short summary pieces as explanations […]

Welcome to The Centre for Humanity Learning

Welcome to The Centre for Humanity Learning The opening of the Centre for Humanity Learning represents the culmination of a decade of inquiry by a remarkable group of individuals holding the development of the field of ‘apithology‘. The field of apithology began on 16 October 2004 with the public release of a foundational peer-discussion paper. This commencement came […]