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Apithoria 1|1 ~ Enabling All


Apithoria 1|1 ~ Enabling All

An interesting form appeared some years ago in apithology practice. This was the use of aphorisms as short statements to illuminate complex areas of instruction. Instead of anecdotal quotes out of context, each apithology aphorism points to an entire topic of inquiry already undertaken. These aphorisms when collected together are called ‘Apithoria‘. They provide an easy entry into apithology instruction. What is even more interesting, is because they are generated directly from practice inquiries, the use of apithology aphorisms may answer whole categories of in-common questions.

The first of these is now available for you to view: Apithoria 1|1.

This very first Apithoria introduces a clear appreciation of the foundational apithology principle of: “Enable all to enable all“. This is an important principle that requires more than a first reading or general impression. Like a good ‘koan‘, the mind of its inquiry is developed by its increasing intimacy.

Some background on Apithoria (and their use) at this point might also be interesting …

Originally, apithology aphorisms were formed when a category of inquiry kept repeating, and in a discovery of an apithological approach a ‘useful saying’ or ethical maxim was formed for future guidance. Rather than platitudes or clichés, these precious sayings represented a Learning II category of synthesis. This resource enabled faster learning by new entrants and an expansion of practice efficacy more quickly. Some canons took many years to form, and some only minutes when appearing at just the right moment. All were insights derived from collaborative inquiries completed in practice.

After collecting together the first 500 canons, work was done on their architecture. In looking at the axioms of Greek, Central Asian and Eastern philosophy, there are ten distinct categories of Apithoria. They form an unfolding learning pathway of canonical integration. You could say these are the ‘sutra‘ studies of an apithology understanding. They are the threads within a woven tapestry of greater appreciations. While making up only a small proportion of the body of this work, they each point to points of significance, useful in developing the integration of an expansive practice.

More will be said on how to see the glint from these golden seams, in subsequent postings.

For now …  just use the reflection on the first of these forms, as a guide to your own depth of interest.



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