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Welcome to The Centre for Humanity Learning

Welcome to The Centre for Humanity Learning

Welcome to The Centre for Humanity Learning

The opening of the Centre for Humanity Learning represents the culmination of a decade of inquiry by a remarkable group of individuals holding the development of the field of ‘apithology‘.

The field of apithology began on 16 October 2004 with the public release of a foundational peer-discussion paper. This commencement came about from an inquiry begun in 1999 exploring the voice of a future humanity upon our entering the 21st Century. In a way, apithology is a child of this current century’s questions and its contemporary contexts.

In the decade of dedicated learning and inquiry that followed, we discovered a vast amount and many new forms of knowing. The possible development of a new learning entity for apithology practice began in 2014. We together looked at over 50 exemplars and considered an equal number of proposed names and forms of contribution.

In the end, the inquiry kept pointing to a central theme, being the learning we do as caring individuals, for humanity, with humanity. The central focus for apitholo is the type of generative learning a humanity engages in. The Centre for Humanity Learning is where we learn together how to do this exquisitely.

There are many other institutes, societies and learning groups with a focus on personal leadership, environmental conservation, social reform, spiritual transformation, sustainable futures and humanitarian outcomes. The support of their work means, another entity to do something similar, is not required.

What is required is the comfort of knowing that the forms of generative learning identified by the practice of apithology are made available in service to humanity. For now, apitholo is the sole place where you can learn apithology and how to contribute personally to humanity’s learning;  to enable all, to enable all, equally.

Those holding personal questions with concern for the wellbeing of humanity will know why this unique form of inquiry is so rare, important, and why it is approached it with some sanctity.

The main role for apitholo is to:

  • provide the dedicated platform for apithology practice;
  • develop the principles of generative humanity learning;
  • extend and promote a future discourse of humanity-level caring;
  • maintain the primary archive of apithology resources and knowings.

We will be using forms of generative learning as the Center’s own design principles. This means the development of apitholo will be co-participatory and its formation will be directly guided by the learners most actively engaged.

To follow those developments subscribe to discover the future forms for your own possible engagement (as they unfold).


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